About us

The main Servicer in Southern Europe
for loan and real estate management services

About Us
About Us

doValue leader in 3 markets: Italy, Iberian Peninsula, Hellenic Region.

Presence in Europe - GBV

doValue is the leading operator in Southern Europe in credit management and real estate services for banks and investors.
The Group consists of doValue, doNext, doData and Altamira Asset Management.

The composition of the Group reflects the focus of the doValue activities, entirely dedicated to the Servicing, and allows an optical management of the of capital to support the growth.  


The doValue Group proudly boasts expertise, diverse experiences and offers complementary services in credit manaagement and real estate assets, with the aim to support them in the creation of value.


Five areas of activity: servicing of performing and early arrears loans, servicing of UTP loans (unlikely-to-pay), servicing of NPL loans (non-performing loans), servicing of real estate assets, services for the supply of data and other servicing ancillary services.


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