Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision
Contribute to restoring the equilibrium of the financial system enabling long-term economic growth

doValue provides best in class services for the management of credit portfolios and real estate assets adopting a distinctive, professional, conciliatory and ethical approach with debtors.
With an innovative and sustainable management model, doValue is able to develop a relationship of trust with its Stakeholders on the basis of a constant and proactive dialogue.

Lead the evolution of the credit servicing industry through investments in technology, strengthening the strategic relationships with clients and broadening the reference market

Thanks to the highest levels of specialisation and diversified and complementary expertise acquired through solid partnerships with the leading banking institutions and international investors, doValue is able to anticipate changes to the market and simplify processes, acting as a problem solver for clients and contributing to the development of solutions for the financial system.

Our clients


through long-term contracts, which also provide for the management of future NPE flows, doValue supports some of the main European financial institutions in optimizing their processes in managing non-performing loans, improving their asset quality and accelerating their de-risking processes.

Specialised investors  

doValue supports the main international investors specialised in non-performing assets in achieving their objectives, offering a complete portfolio of investment management services starting from the due diligence and structuring phases.

Our clients

We manage all portfolios with a solution-centred sense of responsibility. This helps us generate prospects for a sustainable financial system and contribute towards a sound Cypriot economy.

Responsible management

We handle issues with a sense of responsibility and focus on how to resolve them. To this end, we seek out-of-court settlements to restructure debts held by individuals and businesses.

Viable solutions

At Altamira Asset Management (Cyprus) we embrace transparency and disclose accurate information. We propose viable solutions and offer options that help make informed decisions.

Maximising returns

Employing our knowledge, infrastructure, systems and people to deliver and generate the highest returns on our portfolios.

Building trust

Through our professionalism and credibility, so that we can create value for our investors and our partners.

Ongoing progress

Relying on innovative ideas and practices, we pursue ongoing progress. Through our steady partnerships in recent years we have gained expertise, knowledge and experience of the highest standards.  This enables us to anticipate change, adapt and embrace new practices towards a leaner model of operation.

Working towards a sound Cypriot economy

Altamira Asset Management (Cyprus) contributes to the growth of the Cypriot economy and creates prospects through its leading position.